XLSX / CSV import

MapHub supports importing data from CSV or XLSX files. We recommend using the XLSX format.

When uploading a table file, MapHub tries to guess the right file format. The only requirements is to have the following 2 columns present:

  • lat or latitude, as a number. For example New York is 40.71
  • lon, long, lng or longitude, as a number. For example New York is -74.00

If your data does not have these columns, follow the tutorial which explains how to convert street addresses to lat-lon coordinate pairs:

Converting addresses to lat-lon coordinates

Other columns

(all of these are optional)

  • title or name - the title of the item

  • description or desc - the description of the item, Markdown supported

  • group - the name of the item's group

  • url - a link URL

  • color - hex code for the item's color, for example #CC1B15

  • visible - true/false - if the item is visible (true) or hidden (false). Also accepts 1/0.

  • media_url - a media URL, for example a YouTube video.

  • icon - a MapHub icon id

  • maphub_image_url - allows you to set an image for an item. You have to previously upload that image onto a map and export that map as a CSV or XLSX file to get these values.

Sample data

On the following map, you can click Download / Excel XLSX or CSV to get a sample file:

XLSX / CSV sample