List maps

List all maps available for the user.


This endpoint takes no arguments.


The response returns 3 keys, each containing list of maps:

  • owner: the user's maps
  • editor: maps where the user can edit, but is not the owner
  • viewer: maps where the user can view, but cannot edit and is not the owner

For each map in the lists, the following properties are returned:

  • id: id of the map
  • url: URL of the map
  • owner: map owner's username
  • short_name: short name of the map, used in the URL
  • title: title of the map
  • visibility: visibility mode of the map. One of public, unlisted, private, select.

Code example


curl \
    --header 'Authorization: Token <api_key>' \
    --data-raw ''


import requests

url = ''

api_key = '<api_key>'

headers = {'Authorization': 'Token ' + api_key}
r =, headers=headers)