MapHub API

The HTTP API is inspired by the Dropbox API v2.

  1. MapHub API uses HTTP POST requests with JSON arguments and JSON responses.

  2. Request authentication is via API keys using the Authorization: Token <api_key> request header.

  3. You can create API keys from the Settings page:

  4. To use the API, you need to verify your email address.

  5. Errors are returned in the error JSON field, status code is always 200.

    A successful response has no error field.

Request and response formats

Endpoints accept arguments as JSON in the request body and return results as JSON in the response body.

The Upload and Append endpoints accept file content in the request body, so their arguments are instead passed as JSON in the MapHub-API-Arg request header.


You can see the currently implemented endpoints in the left side menu.

If you'd like to see more API endpoints or need some added features, please contact us.

MapHub Enterprise API usage

The API for Enterprise users is the same as with the public website, except the URL is changed to your server's URL. For example, instead of

please use